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Our goal is simple: to provide the best possible dog care service in Switzerland. We cover all your dog's needs, but also your needs: One-on-one walks, multi-week vacation stays, daily photos of our adventures, a flexible, easy-to-bill pricing system, and, and, and.... Here we explain everything in detail.

Full-day care

Weekend service

Vacation stays

Special services

Daily photos

Rainbow system

Flexible prices

Cab services


Feeding service


In any weather

Cuddle Time

100% Care

Hundebetreuung Ganztagesbetreuung

Adventure, fun and cuddling - all day long

Full-day care

Your dog will be walked 2x a day in a small pack for 1 to 1.5 hours and professionally supervised. The walks take place in the great outdoors.

For the running animal dog with pronounced social behavior, being in a small pack is not only a natural pleasure, but also fulfills an important basic need.

We have access to an expansive, fully fenced training & play area with our Citydogs pack, where your dog can romp safely and freely with their best friends.
This way he gets to know the pack, is allowed to go on longer day trips with us and enjoys a cozy midday nap in the midst of friends. We are also happy to feed your dog with his special food, if you give it to us. Otherwise, you will get fine top food from our partner Navita.
  • every Monday - Friday
  • 07:30 - 17:00 (continuous care)
  • 2 walks à 1h
  • Rest and lunch in the after-school care center

from CHF 85.-

Hundebetreuung Wochenendbetreuung

Thank God its Friday with our Dogsitters!

Weekend service

Planning a trip for the weekend? Instead of exposing your dog to the stress of the big city, just bring him to Citydogs, so that your dog can spend a great weekend just like you. Our dog sitters will lovingly take care of your dog around the clock for the whole weekend. Great day trips into the nature are on the program, as well as cuddling hours on the sofa and fine gourmet food. Hopefully your weekend is just as exciting 🙂

  • Friday noon - Monday morning
  • the whole weekend personally attended
  • Day trips
  • 2 x daily feeding
  • for regular daily customers

from CHF 138.-

Hundebetreuung Ferienaufenthalte

The 5 Paws Hotel

Vacation stays

Your dog spends the Citydogs vacations in total luxury in a five-paw hotel with one of our dogsitters at home. As a full member of the family, your dog is part of the house pack, is everywhere with you and never alone. Since all our team members are dog owners themselves, it is easy for your dog to settle into the daily routine. Every day we walk extensively, cuddle a lot and there are 2x daily meals. And of course your dog sends you daily photo snapshots, as it should be for a decent dream vacation 🙂 - so you can enjoy your own without a guilty conscience...

  • dipl. animal keepers
  • 100% dog-crazy
  • 24/7 care
  • for regular daily customers

from CHF 100.-

Hundebetreuung Spezialdienste

Extras, extras, extras!

Special services

It's the extras that make the difference. You can easily order the following services and much more with every walk.

Cab services


Feeding service



In any weather

Cuddle Time

100% Care

Rules of the game

In order to ensure joy, harmony and safety in the pack every day, we can only accept dogs that meet the following simple conditions.

Your dog is
at least 1x per week with us in day care

Your male dog was neutered in time

Your bitch is
not in heat

Your dog is
Fully vaccinated

Vacation care for existing customers only

Hundebetreuung Tägliche Fotos

Great pictures of your favorite

Daily photos

We are out and about every day with lots of fun dogs. And of course we always have our cameras with us. Because there sees and happens so much that you should not miss! As a Citydogs member, you will receive the best pictures of the day exclusively every day: and in the middle of it your dog. So you always know what your dog has experienced today and can proudly share the best snapshots with your loved ones. To collect, share on instagram & Facebook or even print out as a wall poster at home 🙂

  • new pictures daily
  • personal photo album
  • Sorted by dog
  • Directly shareable on social media via cell phone

included for members

Example gallery

Hundebetreuung Regenbogensystem

What color is my dog?

Rainbow system

The media constantly report on the dangers of large dog-sitter packs. The state has enacted laws in various cantons that massively restrict the size of dog packs. We at Citydogs are aware of this problem and have been dealing with it for years. Leading a pack of dogs requires a lot of experience, a sense of responsibility and well-balanced dogs.

Unfortunately, the discussion is not differentiated enough. Because it is not the pack size that is decisive, but the ideal composition of the pack and the professionalism of the pack leaders. Our Citydogs Rainbow System allows us to quickly and reliably classify your dog into one of 5 categories based on a few questions. On the basis of the determined category we receive first clues from the beginning, in which form your dog can be led with Citydogs and in which pack composition he feels most comfortable. Of course, we will continuously adjust the category afterwards. This increases the protection of the population, but also the protection of your dog within the pack, because he is allowed to run in a balanced, socially compatible pack that is adapted to his character. Try it out, after only 10 questions you know the color of your dog!

  • 5 flexible categories
  • easy & safe placement of your dog into the ideal Citydogs pack

Free With registration






Individual price system

Flexible prices

Your dog is unique and so are your wishes. That's why we at Citydogs offer a price system that adapts exactly to your needs and those of your dog. Depending on the type of dog, special requests such as late service or feedings, the system adapts and always automatically shows you your best price. (coming soon) You pay comfortably by credit card, Paypal, online banking or payment slip. Everything is billed fully automatically in your member area. It couldn't be easier and more transparent! Register now without obligation and try it out.

  • adapted to dog
  • (coming soon) Online booking by credit card, Paypal, online banking or payment slip
  • (coming soon) Member area with permanent overview

flexible customizable

Whole day

  • Pack walk in free nature at least 1 hour constantly personally supervised
from chf 85.-
Hundebetreuung Ganztagesbetreuung


  • 24/7 supervised daily walks 2x daily feeding personally with a Citydogs team member

from chf 115.-


Hundebetreuung Wochenendbetreuung


  • Supervised 24/7 as a 100% family member in person at a Citydogs team member's home.
from chf 120.-
Hundebetreuung Ferienaufenthalte


  • for all services we are allowed to provide on official holidays
Hundebetreuung Spaziergänge

Car flat rate

  • calculated on monthly invoice amount for fixed and maintenance costs of our Dog-Mobiles

Cab service

We will be happy to pick up and/or return your dog to your home, business or anywhere else as requested. 

Pick upReturn
08.00 - 09.00after 10.00
13.30 - 14.0015.30 - 16.30

Districts 7 and 8, both for Zollikon, Zollikerberg, Küsnacht, Zumikon, Erlenbach & Herrliberg (other pick-up locations on request):

from CHF 5.-


Lunchtime During the midday rest after the morning walk, your pet will be fed by us and then rest in our cozy hoard in a family atmosphere. This rest period also serves to bond the pack with each other. Often we cuddle very close to each other on the sofa. During the whole resting phase your dog and supervision and is also abundantly supplied with strokes. The dogs are also taught that they have no reason to be jealous of each other. With us nobody comes too briefly.
Feeding & petting period over lunch: 11.30h - 13.15h

Feeding service

If we already pick up your dog and bring it back, we can also deliver the dog food to you, it's logical! Our quality food from our partner Navita is available in convenient monthly subscriptions in various flavors. No more lugging home dog food that weighs kilos!


We are also happy to fulfill unusual wishes. Just get in touch, we always get something done.

In any weather

There is no bad weather, only bad equipment. Citydogs always goes for a walk so that your dog comes home really happy and exhausted.

Cuddle Time

We love all our dogs as much as we love our own. Every dog is welcome in our pack. The unconditional love and affection for our animals is the cornerstone of our work and never comes up short.

100% Care

With us your dog is never alone. And we mean never. Citydogs employees never leave their pack alone. This way we guarantee maximum safety and security for your dog.

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Noëlle Fueter


After 15 years of working in international wealth management, I founded the dog care service 'Citydogs' in 2008. Later I added our foundation for street dogs in Romania, 'Citydogs4Streetdogs' and our unique dog shelter park 'The Dog Rose'. Our street dogs Dillie and Roma & Pipa were and are my most important teachers. Born on the street, they show interesting behavior patterns that I have to deal with intensively to make them happy in our city life.

Thanks to 'Dillie' there is 'Citydogs' because Dillie preferred to walk together with all our clients' dogs than with me alone. Thanks to Roma there is 'Citydogs4Streetdogs' because we couldn't leave all his companions in Bucharest alone. Since 2013, I also give the mandatory SKN courses. I like to share my knowledge about dog psychology, which I am allowed to expand and practice every day in my work, with all my students.

The human-dog team has existed for many 1000 years. The basis of a great team is love, respect and responsibility, which is achieved through successful communication. Human-Dog team building is the passion of the Citydogs and Citydogs4Streetdogs team.