Team spirit


If dogs could talk to people, we would live in a better world. We are convinced of this and that is why we at Citydogs do everything we can to strengthen the human-dog relationship and promote mutual understanding. Your dog is not just a customer, but a full member of our family, which we love, respect and accept with gratitude.

Whether on a walk, in daycare or on vacation, your dog will have a great time with us. We spend a lot of time with the dogs on our walks in the morning as well as in the afternoon. This time is spent walking, romping, playing, as well as practicing the most important basic disciplines with the dogs - lovingly and consistently.

During the lunch break, we then have lunch, cuddle and rest in the after-school care center. Here, too, the bond, friendship and integration of the individual pack members with and among each other is very important to us. The care of dogs is not only a vocation for us, but a matter of the heart, which we pursue with passion, joy and gratitude.

Citydogs founder


After 15 years of working in international wealth management, I founded the dog care service 'Citydogs' in 2008. Later, our foundation for street dogs in Romania, 'Citydogs4Streetdogs' with our own shelter 'The Dog Rose' was added.

Our street dogs Dillie, Roma un Pipa were and are my most important teachers. Born on the street, they show interesting behavior patterns that I have to deal with intensively to make them happy in our city life. Thanks to 'Dillie' there is 'Citydogs' because Dillie preferred to walk together with all our clients' dogs than just with me alone. Thanks to Roma there is 'Citydogs4Streetdogs' because we couldn't leave all his companions in Bucharest alone.

Since 2013 I also give the mandatory SKN courses. I like to share my knowledge about dog psychology, which I am allowed to expand and practice in my work every day, with all my students. The human-dog team has existed for many 1000 years. The basis of a great team is love, respect and responsibility.

Human-dog team building is the passion of the Citydogs team.


I completed my training as an animal keeper EFZ in 2012 and was able to gain my experience with dogs until now in animal shelters. My dog Lola accompanies me every day, we visited the agility together, but because of the age of Lola we go now a little quieter through life. I am very happy to join the Citydog team as a pack leader. I love nature very much. That's why I am even more pleased that I can now spend a large part of my working time with the dogs on pack walks in the forest. The personal connection to each individual dog and its intensive care is very important to me. At Citydogs no day is like the other. To be made to smile again and again by our darlings and to watch how happy all our dogs are, that makes our job a dream job and unique for me and Lola.


Hello my name is Melanie Delgado. Since I was a child I always wanted to work and live with animals. At the age of 16 I adopted my dog Coco and attended with her the companion dog training 1. After graduating from school, I did an apprenticeship as an EFZ animal keeper. I worked at the shelter for five years and was mainly responsible for the dogs. Walking and training with the dogs has always been a lot of fun for me. I wanted to deepen this more at Citydogs, where I take the time to meet all the needs of the dogs.


Well, where to start...animals have always been my they say: "Look back to your childhood and see what you loved there to figure out what work makes you happy".... And that is totally true for me :). I always wanted a dog but couldn't have one, so I decided to go for walks with the dogs from the neighborhood. I did this from about 8 years old to about 12 years old with several dogs. Then the horses followed. I spent every free minute with horses, in the stable and riding. At 19 I moved in with my sister and we got our first dog, Gemma, an Irish Setter bitch. 2 years later Akiwango, a Rhodesian Ridgeback male. These two stayed with us for the next 11 and 13 years until they died. At 25 I got married and we were blessed with 4 wonderful children. Then at 37 I moved to England for almost 5 years where I worked and lived on a biodynamic farm as a shepherdess (and many other things). 4 years ago I came back to Switzerland and tried different jobs and trainings, but nothing really fit.

Until I found Citydogs 🙂

Here the love for the dogs is really lived tangibly, and yet the dogs are not humanized and thus overburdened. Here a dog is allowed to be a dog, surrounded by his friends, and at the same time still learn ( if they can not already) to deal with all dogs, how to behave decently in the pack and a lot of fun and games in the meadow while romping around together. Again, we take great care to make sure that play happens socially and regulate when it doesn't so that the dogs can learn how play can happen socially, what is okay and what is not. In principle, this is a school of life for dogs, where they can learn the ABCs for life, and with us as a team with a heart for dogs and surrounded by friends, because we value that the dogs come regularly and so real dog friendships can develop.

You see, I love this place and this job and the team and the dogs and I am very grateful to be a part of this team and to care for all the wonderful dogs according to their needs.

One big family

Our pack

In our lively pack, your dog will quickly make great friends. We make sure that your dog always feels comfortable and put together suitable packs. Here you can browse our wonderful dogs and get to know them better: just click on the picture and learn more about the dog.













































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