Young Dog & Education Course

In Zurich, the young dog course is compulsory with dogs that belong to the breed type list I or exceed a weight of 16kg or a shoulder height of 45cm when fully grown. The young dog course consists of 10 lessons of 60 minutes on 10 different days, which the dog owner must attend from the 16th week until the 18th month of the dog's life.

Together we dive into the exciting world of dog communication: We practice how to guide our dogs with our mindset, emotions and body language.

Our Citydogs pack leaders since 2007 are happy to tell you their secrets.

Meet your dog's basic needs and learn to create a stress-free, loving relationship with your dog in this class and effortlessly integrate it into your personal daily life.

CHF 650.00

Hunde führen einander an der Leine


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