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Dog Hairdresser & Dog Spa

Smoothed and spick and span
from head to paw

Our trained dog stylists will get your dog ready for the next play date, going out together or the gala dinner. Whether short, long, large or small, at Citydogs we know exactly how to bring out the best in your dog. And of course, the nail care may not be missing!

The full monty in our dog wellness oasis

Washing, blow-drying, clipping, shearing & undercoat brushing

Melanie has already learned at the shelter how to use the scissors and clippers. She worked there mostly with dogs from abroad. When they arrived, Melanie loved to bathe them, give them a new hairstyle and with that a new sense of well-being. She has always been a fan of the art of dog hairdressing. Now Melanie has successfully completed the hairdressing course. She has learned the different types of coats, cutting and shearing templates.

Thank goodness Melanie also learned in the course to work without gallows (device to which dogs are tied for cutting).

Since the dogs fully trust Melanie and know her well, it is clear to Melanie that our dogs must feel comfortable in her capable hands and therefore let themselves be coiffed by her without any rough methods.

Prices are based on the length of the service, which varies from dog to dog and depends on many factors such as coat length, coat type, coat condition, etc. In the case of exceptionally poorly groomed or matted fur will be charged according to additional effort.

For small things like cutting eyes free, removing hair from the ears or shaving paws, we also charge according to time and effort with an hourly rate of CHF 75.

45 minutes
(short, easy-care coat)
CHF 75.-

60 minutes
(medium length coat)
CHF 100.-

90 minutes
(high maintenance coat)
CHF 140.-

180 minutes
(long coat & high maintenance coat)
CHF 180.-

+ Claw trimming
+ CHF 10.-

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