The Dog Rose

Street Dogs Animal Shelter

With our own charity 'The Dog Rose' we give some of our happiness to poor Romanian street dogs and children. And with every booking at Citydogs you are also a proud supporter of our unique shelter concept. Because Citydogs donates 1% of the profit directly to 'The Dog Rose'! At 'The Dog Rose' no one misses out: school children learn everything about the street dog problem on site, cute puppies play with young families at Sunday picnics in the great outdoors and young adults from all over Europe help out as volunteer dog park rangers and thus engage in meaningful, modern volunteer tourism.

Huge outdoor enclosure

Learning love & trust from each other

City dogs help street dogs

Sponsor & adopt cute dogs

Travel Adventure & Helping with Fun

Toll Community Events & More


On over 2 hectares

Huge exercise area

Instead of confining orphaned animals to cramped cages, at The Dog Rose, street dogs live in a 2-acre shelter park with constant contact with humans and their peers. Since opening our dog shelter in the summer of 2018, we've seen impressive progress every day - even in the most traumatized dogs. Our street dogs love to romp around the large grounds and quickly become well-adjusted, adoptable cuddle dogs. Daily exercise is just as important for shelter dogs as it is for our city dogs at Citydogs. It is fascinating to see how crucial daily outdoor fun with other dogs is for their health and well-being.

  • 2 ha run
  • 24/7 care
  • Children's programs
  • Volunteer Tourimus
  • led by veterinarians
  • own veterinary clinic

Course location
  Pioresti Romania

Opening hours
  all year round


Romanian street dogs and socially disadvantaged children

From each other
Learning Love & Trust

A sustainable solution to the street dog problem can only succeed with a change in attitude among the younger generation. In its own dog school, The Dog Rose therefore teaches children and school classes how to deal with street dogs in an unbiased way. Socially neglected children and traumatized street dogs benefit from each other. Thanks to daily contact with people, the shy orphan dogs quickly become trusting and soon adoptable.

  • 2 ha run
  • 24/7 care
  • Children's programs
  • Volunteer Tourimus
  • led by veterinarians
  • own veterinary clinic

Course location
  Pioresti Romania

Opening hours
  all year round


The Citydogs Charity Percent

City dogs help
Street dogs

As a Citydogs member, when you book any service, you automatically donate 1% of the amount to The Dog Rose! In addition, you will receive a 10% discount on all The Dog Rose items in our store or on This also includes adoptions, sponsorships, memberships and charity admissions to The Dog Rose events. In our member area you also have the option to automatically add a Dog Rose bonus to various of our services, if you would like to support our vet and all our great staff on site in Romania in their heartfelt work.

  • 1% every booking goes automatically to Charity
  • as Citydogs Member 10% discount on all Dog Rose Shop items, adoptions and adoptions.
  • easy donation in the Citydogs member area (tax deductible in CH)

Online Adoptions & International Adoptions

Cute dogs
sponsor & adopt

Many of our lovely Romanian street dogs are available for adoption. Since 2011, more than 500 street dogs have found a wonderful new home. So if you have been wanting to adopt a street dog for a long time, here is the perfect opportunity. With an adoption you help threefold: there is one less snout to feed in the shelter, the adoption price helps us to further expand the shelter, but most importantly: you make a dog happy forever! Or if you already have enough dogs at home, but want to make children happy, we have the perfect gift for animal-loving kids: just choose one of our cute dogs on the Dog Rose website and sponsor it online: that way a child helps a dog for a whole year!

  • over 500 adoptions
  • internationally adoptable
  • 100% vaccinated & chipped
  • Customs formalities completed
  • personal consultation

from CHF 60.-

Online sponsorship
  perfect gift for children,
     Without pet
  personalized updates

Professionally organized volunteer tourism

Travel Adventure & Help
With fun

Our volunteers are fully integrated into the daily routine at the shelter. They spend a lot of time with our 200 dogs, cleaning and repairing when necessary and getting to know Romania from a local's point of view. Our volunteer program fulfills a number of important tasks: the daily interaction with more and more new volunteers makes our street dogs more trusting every day, and the happy volunteers return home with positive experiences, creating the all-important word-of-mouth. All proceeds go to 100% for the benefit of the shelter.

  • Helping for a good cause
  • outdoors
  • 200 dogs daily
  • friendly team
  • personal consultation

per week CHF 500

Charity Events

Great Community Events & More

Every year we organize at least one charity event for the whole family in favor of The Dog Rose in the Zurich area. Towards the end of the year we celebrate together with our community since 2015 'Animal Christmas' at every year changing location. The entire proceeds from the performances of our Celebrity Ambassadors like Melanie Winiger, Chris von Rohr, Luca Hänni and many more go to 100% for The Dog Rose.

  • exclusive charity events
  • annual reunion with friends & like-minded people
  • with celebrity participation
  • for Citydogs members VIP passes

reduced admission
for Citydogs members

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