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Our dog school Zurich and dog care promotes mutual trust between human and dog, leading to clear communication.

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Team spirit

The Dog Lovers

Dogs are our life. That's why we love your dog as much as you love him. We all own dogs ourselves and know exactly how it is when you have to give your darling to someone. It takes 100% trust. We take care of your dog around the clock and never leave him alone. With more than 12 years of experience in the dog sitting business and trained pet groomers in our team, we are the most professional dog sitter in town. No wonder, even the Dolder Grand calls us when it comes to taking care of one of their 4-legged guests.... Dog School Zurich







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Dog Care & Dogsitting

Action Every Day

Your dog needs fresh air, exercise, play, fun and entertainment. Every day and no matter if it's storming, snowing or raining. That's what we are here for. So that you don't have to have a guilty conscience when it's getting late at the store. But even if your dog is allowed to go out with you every day, Citydogs is a good idea: The social contact with other dogs in the pack makes him happier and mentally more balanced. We ourselves regularly treat our dogs to Citydogs they love to play with their friends. Our care offer covers everything - and if not, we always have an open ear for your special needs.

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Full offer

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Professional team

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Flexible pricing system

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Online courses & dog school

Understand your dog

We offer all official courses and a variety of specialty courses to help you and your dog be a harmonious team. Unlike other dog schools, our courses focus on you and your dog individually. Here, the focus is on strengthening your partnership, your communication and your relationship so that you can enjoy your life together to the fullest - without stress. The well-being of dog and human is always our first priority: We teach, learn and practice together with joy, humor, loving patience and mutual understanding.

Pause beim Waldspaziergang

Understand & communicate clearly instead of commanding

  • Hundesprache verstehen 
  • Identify specific needs 
  • Education based on mutual respect and love
  • Deepening the relationship through clear communication
  • and above all: fun & joy - with us may be laughed!

Professional team

  • Puppy socialization course (mandatory)
  • Young dog course (obligatory)
  • Education course (mandatory)
  • Needs-oriented special courses
  • Walking Meditation Course
  • Social Walks among students with and without Noëlle.
  • all courses with online theory via Zoom
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Dog hairdresser & dog grooming

Smoothed and spick and span

Your dog is a beauty and you want everyone to see it! Our Citydogs stylists know exactly what it takes to accentuate your dog's individual assets. Fully equipped with everything your dog will love our dog spa. The ancient Greek dogs already knew that beauty also includes health. That's why we offer nail trimming, teeth brushing and general health checks.

Chillen im Citydogs Schaufenster

Communicate instead of command

Bath, blow dry & claws

  • incl. eye, ear and anus cleaning
Wunderschöne Zwillinge

Professional team

Trimming & claws

  • Trimming
  • Cut claws
  • etc.
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Dogs Healing

One heart and one soul

For especially sensitive dogs, we offer our unique Healing Sessions. Years of experience working with traumatized Romanian street dogs in our own shelter helps us understand your dog's weaknesses and lovingly address them. Every dog is unique - with its own strengths and weaknesses. With sensitivity and innovative methods such as meditation walks, your dog will soon feel more secure.


Street dog specialist

  • years of experience in our own Romanian animal shelter 'The Dog Rose' (see below)
  • frightened, traumatized and shy dogs welcome
Hund spielt mit Ball

Healing and trauma treatments

  • holistic treatments for humans and animals
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New photos & videos every day on social media

Insta & Facebook Fun!

On our social media channels you will find funny and exciting impressions of our adventures on the road.


Photos & Videos on Instagram & Facebook

Our own street dog charity

Doing good step by step

Because we are just totally dog crazy and can't stand it when they suffer, we have been helping traumatized street dogs in Romania for almost 10 years. In our own unique shelter 'The Dog Rose' we have already rescued well over 500 street dogs. As a Citydogs customer you are automatically part of this great concept: because 1% of all Citydogs sales go directly to our charity. So with every paw step on one of our walks you and your dog automatically help a wonderful cause and become proud benefactors of 'The Dog Rose'!

Hundepause auf dem Sofa

Rescue, heal & socialize

  • sustainable rescue
  • Resocialization
  • professional veterinary care
  • Castrations and vaccinations
Spielen im Wald

Play, fun and free space

  • 2 hectares of own land
  • daily playing in the pack
  • 24/7 support
  • Meeting with other animals
  • regular volunteer visits
Hunde führen einender an der Leine

Sponsorships & Adoptions

  • Online sponsorships
  • International adoptions
  • active community
  • Support from international patronage
Pause beim Hundespaziergang auf der Parkbank

Inform & Mediate

  • Visits of local and international school classes
  • Awareness campaigns for stray dogs

Noëlle Fueter


After 15 years of working in international wealth management, I founded the dog care service 'Citydogs' in 2008. Later I added our foundation for street dogs in Romania, 'Citydogs4Streetdogs' and our unique dog shelter park 'The Dog Rose'. Our street dogs Dillie and Roma & Pipa were and are my most important teachers. Born on the street, they show interesting behavior patterns that I have to deal with intensively to make them happy in our city life.

Thanks to 'Dillie' there is 'Citydogs' because Dillie preferred to walk together with all our clients' dogs than with me alone. Thanks to Roma there is 'Citydogs4Streetdogs' because we couldn't leave all his companions in Bucharest alone. Since 2013, I also give the mandatory SKN courses. I like to share my knowledge about dog psychology, which I am allowed to expand and practice every day in my work, with all my students.

The human-dog team has existed for many 1000 years. The basis of a great team is love, respect and responsibility, which is achieved through successful communication. Human-Dog team building is the passion of the Citydogs and Citydogs4Streetdogs team.


I completed my training as an animal keeper EFZ in 2012 and was able to gain my experience with dogs until now in animal shelters. My dog Lola accompanies me every day, we visited the agility together, but because of the age of Lola we go now a little quieter through life. I am very happy to join the Citydog team as a pack leader. I love nature very much. That's why I'm even more pleased that I can now spend a large part of my working time with the dogs on pack walks in the forest. Above all, the personal bond with each individual dog and their intensive care is very important to me. At Citydogs no day is like the other. To be made to smile again and again by our darlings and to watch how happy all our dogs are, that makes our job a dream job and unique for me and Lola.


Hello my name is Melanie Delgado. Since I was a child I always wanted to work and live with animals. At the age of 16 I adopted my dog Coco and attended the companion dog training 1 with her. After finishing school I did the apprenticeship as an animal keeper EFZ. I worked at the shelter for five years and was mainly responsible for the dogs. Walking and training with the dogs has always been a lot of fun for me. I wanted to deepen this more at Citydogs, where I take the time to fulfill all the needs of the dogs.

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